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Chakra Pack


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Chakra Pack
This nicely packaged set of chakra stones comes with seven healing stones / crystals uniquely shaped and a little larger than a dice as well as a carry pouch.

What a great way to start your crystal collection or to add to your existing collection!

The seven main energy centres in our body, known as Chakras, have a profound effect on our health, energy and wellbeing. These main centres are located at the seven points where our life force energy flows and intersects.

The seven crystals in this gift boxed set correlate with each of the seven Chakras; base (dark brown, dark red or black), sacral (orange, peach or light brown), solar plexus (yellow or gold), heart (green or pink), throat (blue), third eye (indigo or violet) and crown (clear, violet or white)

There are many ways to use chakra healing stones. The easiest ways are to carry all seven in a pouch or in your pocket or to place them all in a bowl next to the bed so you can absorb the energies while you sleep.

If you feel you need an extra energy boost with one of your chakras, simply carry the corresponding stone with you. If, for example, you are giving a lecture or sharing information, carry a blue crystal or stone to activate your throat chakra, the chakra of communication.

For me, the absolute best ways to use chakra stones is to physically place each chakra stone on the matching chakra. I suggest taking some time out of each day when you know you won’t be disturbed, lie down and place each stone on it’s matching chakra. Then you can just relax and let the stones go to work. Or you breathe into and focus on each chakra, visualising each colour cleansing and balancing your chakras.

Working with crystals is intuitive, so go with what feels right for you!

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