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CITRINE Tumbled Stone


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1 x beautiful CITRINE tumbled stone. Each is of a good size and of exceptional quality.

* Stone of Manifestation
* Soothes the stomach, liver, spleen
* Helps ease depression
* Citrine energy is like that of the sun; warming, comforting, penetrating, energizing and life giving

Activates the power for us to manifest.
Katrina Raphael believes that our earth mother, in her wisdom, knows what energy is most needed by her family. Therefore, the most abundant crystals and gems are the ones most needed at any given time. The quartz family is an excellent illustration of this concept, and Citrine is a perfect example!

Citrine is the stone of manifestation! For this reason it is often associated with wealth and prosperity. This stone was called the ‘merchant’s stone’ as placing a piece of citrine in a cash box was said to attract and maintain a steady income! It is important to note that ‘prosperity’ does not mean material wealth alone, but the all the abundance life has to offer. Since Citrine is manifestation on all levels, now is the perfect time to use Citrine to manifest peace throughout the nations. this stone works well with all positive affirmations.

Citrine fills the body with vibrant life force energy and creates a pure channel for life force energy to be drawn into the body. Since it creates a protective aura, it also helps the person cope under stress or in a negative environment. Citrine is a wonderful stone to use when studying and to enhance the memory.

Citrine energy is like that of the sun; warming, comforting, penetrating, energizing and life giving.

Tumbled stones make wonderful touchstones or talismen. The smoothness of the stone lends itself well to all types of healing. Carry them with you in your pocket or in a pouch, sleep with them under your pillow or lay them on your body to reap the full benefit of these amazing stones.

The photo definitely does not do justice to this beautiful stone.

Each stone comes with an info sheet.

We at The Inner Light are passionate about our crystals. We source stones from all around the world so we can offer you the best quality at the very best prices. We have many more crystals that are not listed on this site. Please email us at angela@theinnerlight.com.au with your requirements. If we don't have it in stock we will do our best to source it for you!

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