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PENTAGRAM Pewter Pendant - style 2


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PENTAGRAM Pewter Pendant - style 2

Made from Nickel Free Pewter and strung on an adjustable waxed cotton cord.

Pentagrams are said to offer the wearer protection from negative forces.

Although often used for protection, the Pentagram is also a symbol of the ability to bring the Spirit to Earth to make us whole, and as a sign of re-emerging enlightenment.
To the Wiccan, the five points of the pentagram represent Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit.
Air - intelligence and the arts
Earth - stability and physical endurance
Fire - courage and daring
Spirit - the All and the Divine
Water - emotions and intuition

Some of the meanings associated with the Pentagram are:
Upright, the Pentagram represents redemption of the Spirit from matter by ruling over it. Inverted, the Pentagram symbolizes Spirit submerged and bonded into the material elements. The circle around the star symbolize unity and wholeness, and the Quest for Divine Knowledge. It also refracts and reflects all light, bringing to the wearer total intelligence, universal wisdom, and protection.

A five pointed star in a circle can be seen as force or power contained and controlled by divine wisdom - energy is focused and directed.

In the Middle Ages, magicians considered the Pentagram more powerful than the cross. Wherever the Pentacle was displayed evil had no power. As an interlaced single line it is considered to be spiritually protective as a "gateless" symbol. Therefore no evil or undesired energy can enter into the circle of the pattern.

The Pentagram can symbolize the ruling of higher mind over the lower elements of our being. It marks the awakening of Cosmic consciousness, the beginnings of human psyche moving beyond the realms of physical form and perceptions limited to the five senses. Through the Spirit ruling over the five elements it allows infinite possibilities that exist within the Universe and frees us to explore and grow.

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