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Astrological Pewter Pendant – VIRGO


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Astrological Pewter Pendant – VIRGO

This finely crafted pendant is made from Nickel Free Pewter and strung on an adjustable waxed cotton cord.

Wearing a zodiac symbol will help you increase your signs positive aspects, and decrease your negative traits!

When someone asks, “What’s your sign?” – and hopefully not as a pick-up line -- they’re talking about the Sun sign, which is the basis for most horoscopes today. There are twelve Sun signs, each with its own character traits, inclinations, leanings, motivations, etc.

Your sun sign describes your basic nature and the personality traits that remain constant through the ups and downs of life. It is the image you shine out to the world, but it comes from that truest, innermost part of you. The sun, which is actually a star, is at the center of the Solar System, and likewise, your sun sign describes your unique personal center.


The Dates: August 24th through September 23rd
Keywords: discriminating, organized, clever, wholesome, responsible, caring, loyal
The Shadow Side: critical, nitpicking, cold, fussy, negative, unsocial
Quality and Element: Mutable and Earth
Famous People with Sun in Virgo: Sean Connery, Hugh Grant, Stephen King, Cameron Diaz, Sean Connery, Mother Theresa, Richard Gere, Tommy Lee Jones, Michael Jackson, Jerry Seinfeld, Keanu Reeves, Freddie Mercury, Oliver Stone, Patsy Cline, Ingrid Bergman, Jeremy Irons, Beyonce Knowles, Iam Holm, Mother Theresa, Ann Richards, Lily Tomlin, Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Fiona Apple, Faith Hill, Aimee Mann, Luke Wilson, Adam Sandler

Personality Profile:
Those with Sun in Virgo are constantly on the move, always trying to fine-tune their lives and relationships. They are filled with nervous energy, and a desire to make improvements, so they're serene when fulfilling the steps toward a well-thought out goal.

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