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Jasper Pendulum


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1 x beautiful JASPER PENDULUM

Size Approximately: 4cm long (including bale) and 1.8cm wide (at the widest point)
Chain length: 21cm
This handcrafted and well made piece is forged from the finest 925 sterling silver (no plating or artificial finish).
The piece you see is the actual piece we are selling!
There may be some slight variation in terms of colour, texture when viewed on different computer screens.

This piece looks even better in person. The chain is silver and the stone is bright!

Remove the chain used to hold the pendulum and this piece can be worn as a pendant! You may need to add a slip ring if the chain is too large for the bale.

How to use a pendulum for divination-
Hold the pendulum by the chain in your dominant hand with your elbow resting on a table
Ask the pendulum “Which way do you swing for YES?”
“Which way do you swing for NO?”
Optional questions are
“Which way do you swing for I DON’T KNOW?”
“Which way do you swing for I DON’T WANT TO SAY?”
Ask a few questions you know the answer to or make some statements, like “My name is… “ “The sky is blue” “I’m holding a …” . Just to make sure you and the pendulum are on the same wavelength.
Now ask any questions you would like answered and observe which way the pendulum swings!

How to use a pendulum for healing-
Chakra Healing
This is most easily done with a partner
Have your friend lie on their back.
Hold your crystal over each chakra in turn, starting with the BASE CHAKRA
When the pendulum swings in a steady CLOCKWISE direction, the chakra is in balance and the energy is flowing.
The pendulum may stay still or swing in an anti clockwise direction at first. Keep holding your pendulum over the chakra until it swings clockwise then move on to the next chakra
Then have your friend do the same for you!

If you are working alone you can ask the pendulum if your chakras need balancing.
Holding the pendulum ask “Is my base chakra balanced?”
“Is my sacral chakra balanced?”
“Is my solar plexus chakra balanced?”
“Is my heart chakra balance?”
“Is my throat chakra balanced?”
“Is my Third Eye balanced?”
“Is my crown chakra balanced?”
If you received a no answer for any of your chakras these are the ones you need to work on today. I find the best way is with crystals. Simply place a tumbled stone of the corresponding colour on your chakra. Or use clear quartz.

How to use a pendulum to choose a crystal-
If you feel drawn to one of the crystals we are selling, open the page and look at the image.
Holding your pendulum ask “Is this the right crystal for me?”
If you have a selection of crystals at home, and you’re not sure which one to use, hold each crystal, one at a time, in your non dominant hand and your pendulum in your right hand.
Ask “Is this the right crystal for me today?

Have a browse through our book section, new and preloved, for some informative pendulum guides ☺

There are many ways to use pendulums!!
Have fun!!

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