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Palo Santo Smoke Sticks


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Peruvian PALO SANTO Stick

Palo Santo is a revered tree in South America and is related to Frankincense and Myrrh. Palo Santo is Spanish for "Holy Wood"

For centuries Shamen have used Palo Santo to clear an area and people of negative energies.

If you’re looking for an easy and effective method for clearing away any unwanted or negative energy, either from the environment or from the aura, Peruvian Palo Santo Sticks may be the solution. Smudging is a ritual way to cleanse a person, place or an object of negative energies, spirits or influences. The smudging ceremony involves the burning of special, sacred plants, wood or herbal resins.
Light the Stick from a candle flame on a 45degree angle.. Once alight allow it to burn for 1 to 2 minutes before blowing it out. The stick should be smouldering, not burning. The idea is to get curls of smoke, not to set the stick on fire. Then, either passing an object through the resulting smoke, or fanning the smoke around a person or place, the spirit of the plant then purifies whatever is being smudged.

Why use a Smudge Stick, or Palo Santo Stick?
* Cleanse the entire of home of negative or disruptive energy
* Cleanse the body / aura of negativity
* Use if a negative event takes place - eg argument or a depressed friend visits- to lift the energy
* Cleanse a sacred space after healings or psychic work
* Remove energy from the previous occupants when moving into a new space
* Remove YOUR energy if you want to sell or move from your space
* Use to cleanse crystals (especially good for water soluable crystals like Selenite)
* Smudge tarot cards etc. before using them, then periodically to keep them clear of others energy imprints
* Especially important to use in areas where a lot of different people meet - eg healing spaces, work spaces, community groups etc
* Can be used around the perimetre of the home to keep it safe and protected
* Can be incorporated into natural therapy healing session
* Use before and after participation in psychic / spiritual work
* Use in conjunction with meditation
* Smudge Sticks can even be used to keep insects away!

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