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The unique card designs of the Instant Tarot Reader, when used with the extensive accompanying book [344 pgs] bring to the novice a degree of sophistication in tarot card divination seldom experienced. Faber and Zerner have successfully transformed a traditionally difficult oracle into a easy to use and precise vehicle of transformation. Based on the idea that each card in a spread must be understood by reference to its surrounding cards, the detailed manual outlines the interpretations according to the specific position that each card occupies in any tarot spread. Resulting in a penetrative and detailed outcome, with fewer obscurities [so common to tarot readings] the Instant Tarot will be a welcome tool for the tarot enthusiast as well as the interested layperson. Five layouts are provided to employ this method of tarot consultation; also included is a quick reference guide.

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What is Tarot?
Tarot is a set of seventy-eight cards, each featuring different symbolic pictures. A standard Tarot deck is made up of 22 cards called the major arcana or trumps, and four suits of 14 cards - similar to playing cards - called the minor arcana.

What are Tarot cards used for?
Tarot cards can be used for practical problem-solving, creative visualisation, meditation, self-improvement, as a tool of understanding, for divination and fortune-telling, even for card games. Some collect Tarot cards simply for the joy of the artwork, while other delve further into research and study of the history of Tarot cards.

Where did Tarot originate?
There are many theories on the origins of Tarot in existence - Ancient Egyptians, Gypsies, Atlantis - but historical evidence points to a beginning in the courts of Northern Italy, in the mid fifteenth century.

Why are there so many types of Tarot decks?
Different artists interpret the Tarot symbols in differing ways, each adding their own perspective. There are also so many themes that can correspond with the tarot system - there are thousands of decks available, catering to many diverse interests, from baseball to voodoo. There's a Tarot deck to match just about every interest or belief.

Is it bad luck to buy your own Tarot cards?
No. It's an old myth among Tarot novices that your first deck must be given as a gift, or that it's somehow bad luck to buy your own deck. There is nothing wrong with obtaining your own set of Tarot cards -- and that way you can choose a style and art that is compatible with your tastes.

How do I choose a Tarot deck for myself?
It's best to look at a few different types of Tarot decks before you choose one and to find one with symbolism and artwork that suits you. If you're a newcomer to the Tarot, you may also prefer a "beginner" deck like Rider-Waite Tarot whose meanings and symbolism can be easier to learn.

What's the difference between a Tarot and an oracle deck?
A Tarot deck is at least loosely based on the 78 card structure of 56 minor cards and 22 major cards. An oracle deck is any other deck of cards used for similar purposes to a deck of Tarot cards, and may also be called a divination deck or cartomantic deck.

How do I learn to read Tarot?
We reccommend "The Tarot Masterclass " by Paul Fenton-Smith and "The Tarot Bible" by Sarah Bartlett. (To view simply type these titles into the side SEARCH bar) Spend as much time as you can with your Tarot cards. Look deeply at the images, how do they make you feel? The more time you can spend with your cards, the easier it will be to learn the symbolism.

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