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A revised and expanded edition to include eight additional cards. This unique and powerful divination system draws upon ancient wisdom and tradition to teach the healing medicine of animals.

Medicine in the Native American tradition is "anything that brings personal power, strength, and understanding." In the Medicine Cards, Jamie Sams and David Carson offer teachings from animal medicine. Each card shows one animal in a shield with its name and number. Assigned to each card is a special quality that reflects that animal's nature, for example Loyalty for Dog and Gentleness for Deer. The 1988 edition had just 44 animals, but 8 more have been added for the 1999 edition. Nine blank cards are also included so you can add your own extra animals. The book Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals describes animal medicine in Native American teachings, the gift of each animal and how that gift might be impacting your life (255 pages). A "contrary" (reversed) meaning is also given for each card. The artist is Angela C. Werneke.

Major Arcana:
Eagle (Spirit), Hawk (Messenger), Elk (Stamina), Deer (Gentleness), Bear (Introspection), Snake (Transmutation), Skunk (Reputation), Otter (Woman Medicine), Butterfly (Transformation), Turtle (Mother Earth), Moose (Self-Esteem), Porcupine (Innocence), Coyote (Trickster), Dog (Loyalty), Wolf (Teacher), Raven (Magic), Mountain Lion (Leadership), Lynx (Secrets), Buffalo (Prayer & Abundance), Mouse (Scrutiny), Owl (Deception), Beaver (Builder), Opossum, (Diversion) Crow (Law), Fox (Camouflage), Squirrel (Gathering), Dragonfly, (Illusion) Armadillo (Boundaries), Badger (Aggressiveness), Rabbit (Fear), Turkey (Give-Away), Ant (Patience), Weasel (Stealth), Grouse (Sacred Spiral), Horse (Power), Lizard (Dreaming), Antelope (Action), Frog (Cleansing), Swan (Grace), Dolphin (Manna), Whale (Record Keeper), Bat (Rebirth), Spider (Weaving), Hummingbird (Joy),
Added to Expanded Edition:
Blue Heron (Self-Reflection), Raccoon (Generous Protector), Prairie Dog (Retreat), Wild Boar (Confrontation), Salmon (Wisdom/Inner Knowing), Alligator (Integration), Jaguar (Integrity/Impeccability), Black Panther (Embracing the Unknown)

What are Oracle Cards?
Oracle Cards are an ancient divination tool that provides you messages from your Guides, Angels, Goddesses, God....

Which deck is right for me?
One will stand out to that feeling. All of the decks have beautiful images and messages. Most card users have a few decks and use which ever deck appeals most at the time.

How do the cards know what to answer?
It's not the cards, the cards are just the tool. The higher power you are connecting with will pull out the card meant for you. The responses are amazingly accurate for what you are feeling or going through at that time.

How do I use Oracle cards?
All of the decks come with very simple guidebooks to act as a general guide
Intention is very important, welcome the higher power you are connecting with and let them know you have a question or are in need of guidance. Start shuffling the deck and ask your question or explain the situation you need help with. You can speak to them either aloud or silently in your thoughts. If a card pops out - it's important and you need to pay attention to it. If a card doesn't pop out, when you finish shuffling set the deck down and use your LEFT HAND to cut the deck. The left side of your body represents intuition so always use your left hand for this. Then cut the deck for your message!
You can ask for a daily message, you can pull 3 cards representing past, present, future, you can pull 1 card for a specific question...the cards will follow whatever your intention is! Just play with them!

Please give an example of an "intention statement"
Start shuffling....
"I call upon and welcome my Spirit Guides and Angels. I thank you for loving and caring for me and for all of the blessings I have in my life. I am in need of guidance with my career and will pull 3 cards representing the past, present and future for this. Please provide a message in the highest and greatest good for myself and all those involved."
Once you have received your message/s, remember to say a "Thank You" to the higher power who has assisted you.

Final words
Oracle cards are easy to use and a way for you to connect to a love and support system that is truly there and happily available to you all the time.

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