HEMATITE Tumbled Stone


1 x beautiful HEMATITE tumbled stone. Each is of a good size and of exceptional quality.

* Calms a racing heart, pulse or blood pressure
* Settles emotions
* Useful for psychic protection

Anchors the light body (spirit) into the physical body, protects and strengthens one against negative thought forms. I believe Hematite is one of those stones that everyone should have at least one piece of. This stone is unsurpassed in it’s grounding abilities making it an excellent stone to use after meditation, when clear thoughts are needed, if low blood pressure is suffered or when we’re feeling a little “flighty” or dizzy. Carry or wear a piece of Hematite to provide a shield of protection, or place a piece on any chakra points you feel you need strengthening. It can be used in meditation to mirror our subconscious to our conscious mind.

Physically this stone purifies the blood, remove toxins from the body and positively affects the central nervous system. Hematite is also a wonderful stone to use to help overcome jet lag! Ironically, Hematite can help quiet the mind to promote restful sleep free of nightmares. Great success has been achieved with over active children in the USA when a chip of Hematite has been place in each shoe. It has been documented that the children feel more connected to what’s happening around them and behaviour has significantly improved.

Tumbled stones make wonderful touchstones or talismen. The smoothness of the stone lends itself well to all types of healing. Carry them with you in your pocket or in a pouch, sleep with them under your pillow or lay them on your body to reap the full benefit of these amazing stones.

The photo definitely does not do justice to this beautiful stone.

Each stone comes with an info sheet.

We at The Inner Light are passionate about our crystals. We source stones from all around the world so we can offer you the best quality at the very best prices. We have many more crystals that are not listed on this site. Please email us at angela@theinnerlight.com.au with your requirements. If we don't have it in stock we will do our best to source it for you!

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